INOX RIVA Sales Program

The idea that brought about the origin of INOX RIVA comes from the will to build a strong source of support in the world of industrial components that control, transport and intercept fluids. The quality of the products, service, courtesy and expertise are daily elements in INOX RIVA's nature.


As Schneider E- Series receives Fire Safe approval

As-Schneider, the specialist for industrial valves, has received the Fire safe approval for its E- Series valves and manifolds.
Meaning that the valves offer a safe and reliable shut- off also in case of fire.
The valves tested were absolutely leak-free under extreme test conditions and were still fully operational after the testing.


EAC Certifications

Eurasec means "community of the Euro-Asian countries" and regulates the free movement of goods within the territories of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia.
Inox Riva has already secured all necessary certificates TR/TC for the range of check valves, and is committed to obtain the certifications for many other products.


Direct Mount System

Field research and testing conducted by South-west Research in San Antonio, Texas and the Pipeline Gas Compressor Research Council (PCRC) confirmed that pulsation created by compressors, flow control valves, regulators and some piping configurations may create undesirable levels of Square Root Error (SRE) and/or resulting Gauge Line Error (GLE). Pulsation at the orifice meter
is a major source of lost and unaccounted for natural gas. These errors create large economic gains or losses for the buyer and seller along a natural gas pipeline system.


Magazine Schneider Armaturen

Dear Customer,

with the new issue of our Customer Magazine Focus, we are offering you a real plus for your daily work.
Once again, our customer magazine is packed full of technical information, product innovations and solutions for a wide variety of applications which wil help you cope with challeges that you encounter in your day to day work - no matter how tricky and complex they may be.

Our topics in overview:

- Metal seated DBB valves - for a reliable primary isolation

- Realible Fire Protection - Essential for the safety of your plant and staff

- Taurus Series - Hard at work in the pipeline 

- Hight pressure Valves - for a safe and easy operation 

- Close - coupled installations D Series Hook Ups - Minimize site work and reduce installation costs


Schneider Magazine

Our partner AS SCHNEIDER, is one of the worlds leading manufactures of instrumentation valves, manifolds and accessories. In this edition of focus AS SCHNEIDER introduces the new product Taurus Series. Please browse through our pages for further datails


Taurus Valve - Double safety in half space

The Double Block & Bleed Pipeline Ball Valves of the Taurus Series consist of a Double Block and Bleed Design made of two Isolation Valves and a Vent Valve and are available in nominal sizes from two to six inches.