INOX RIVA has specialized in design, production and distribution of stainless steel components since 1992. Our products have been studied to control, direct and intercept fluids and can be used in various areas, from Oil&Gas to power, from chemistry to pharmaceuticals, in hydraulics and in applications for laboratory research.

INOX RIVA has developed from a very consolidated family tradition, with more than 40 years of history in the field of fittings and connections for liquids and gases. Our products can face the hardest working conditions in terms of pressures and temperatures.

INOX RIVA is an organised company according to a certified management manual of procedures in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. All internal procedures are conform to the latest standards that regulate the process to safeguard the environmental protection and pollution control.

INOX RIVA has specialized in the prodution of own brand quick connections for medium and high pressures, screw-quick connections, check valves, needle valves, as well as having developed a line of threaded connections and fittings for medium and high pressures. All our products are 100% "Made in Italy", made in Stainless Steel and are available in special alloys.

INOX RIVA over the years have flanked to there direct production a complete range of articles for plants and industrial machines that are used in both instrumental and process applications: Our products are also utilised in the Oil&Gas, in instrumentation, in hydraulics, in chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Compression Fittings and relative tubing, valves and manifolds Fittings for flexibile hoses and personalised threaded flexible hoses, flanges, welded connections and relative piping are just a few examples of stainless steel products that form part of our sales. Amonst our partners, all companies of utmost importance on an international level, we can mention as an exclusinve listing, EXMAR, an important german-american company in Hydraulic fittings in AISI 316Ti, and SSP, an american company of growing importance, producers of connections an valves for instrumentation.

Our commercial department is at your disposal for any further information.