Assembly and assistance

INOX RIVA is able to present itself as a "Turn- Key" supplier of connected systems on skids or frames that are positioned on machines, on which sophisticated programmes are used. Over the years we have developed a specific skill that allows us to offer customized and dedicated solutions to the most demanding engineering requests. We are able to offer supports, panels and frames made entirely of stainless steel and instrumentation assembled in cabinets or consoles.

The availability of a fully-stocked spare parts warehouse allows us to effectively conduct all activities of service and maintenance for the components and devices that belong to our sales range.
For example, we carry out maintenance on our full range of quick couplings, check valves and ball valves, both manually and pneumatically controlled.

Degreasing for oxygen use

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, INOX RIVA is able to offer on the market the supply of degreased components for applications in the presence of oxygen. All products supplied "Oxygen Cleaned" are rigorously processed according to the strict specifications of manufacturers and are supplied according to the main reference standards.

KanBan Management

Kanban "card" is a Japanese term that represents a system of production management that is increasingly present in modern production facilities. The "card" usually indicates the type of material used for a process, and is affixed to a container that is restocked once emptied. The real-time flow of supply avoids warehouse stocks and the costs involved. The service is a group of methodologies aimed at improving the production process of the customer who is trying to optimize not only the production but also the beginning stages and to lighten the maximum stocks of raw materials needed for production.

KanBan, if properly applied, brings the following benefits to the customer:

  • Substantial reduction in the stock
  • Simplification of the programming
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Cancellation of "production stops"