Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceuticals

The chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical market consists of a diverse range of industries, each with their own needs and their own production processes. From acids to dangerous organic solvents, from the production of polyethylene and polypropylene to the production of primary pharmaceutical chemicals, INOX RIVA has a wide range of products which are applied on plant lines or on systems and devices for control and regulation, responding to individual requirements, whether it is linked to Filtration Systems, Machines for the homogenization, to Drying Systems, and to the use of autoclaves and many more.

Automotive and Alternative Fuels

The automotive industry has traditionally been a pioneer in the area of quality and high performance requirements to the supply chain, and it is in this particular area that INOX RIVA confirmed to have the ability and skills to present itself as a supplier of a full range of products, mainly used on Testing and Braking Systems. In recent decades the Automotive has been influenced by the research for solutions that would limit on one hand fuel consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere and on the other hand would lead to a decrease in the dependency on hydrocarbons: especially in recent years alternative solutions like supply of Natural Gas or more recently Hydrogen have had an exceptional boost that led to the steady growth of this little market. Today INOX RIVA is able to offer a complete product portfolio and is approved for use on the supply line chains of CNG and H2 for automotive use: in particular the compression stations and CNG and H2 refueling are in need of fittings, valves and tubings specifically designed and certified in accordance with the latest international standards.

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