The world of shipbuilding represents one of the "historic" sectors for our company that for years has offered many groups of products that are regularly used both in direct contact with external agents that of areas below deck. The major applications are installed on hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as cranes, access systems to gangways, on the drives of the steering system, bulkheads and many other practical applications that differ according to the type of vessel on which they are installed. On cruise ships the application of our products also extends to the management of the distribution systems of clear water, to firefighting equipment, as well as increasing space in the drive systems used for the movement of huge canopies to protect the scenic pools and recreational areas; other specific applications are made for cargo ships, both the container type and that of the great Vessels that store liquids or gases: given the continued growth in performance, the size and performance required in these giants of the seas is crucial that every single component installed on board is able to guarantee the best performance according to the latest industry regulations.

General Industry

with the definition of Industrial Area we find in one specific macro area a multitude of applications where INOX RIVA products can be put to use. To give a complete and exhaustive definition of all the practical uses goes beyond the meaning of the present study, however, for completeness of information I would like to list a number of practical applications that have a significant presence in the so-called industrial market. The area of Iron and Steel sees our products used on rolling mills, on forges and continuous casting lines, as well as control systems for blast furnaces; the increasingly important world of waste disposal uses our products on preparation machinery of the supply chain management of solid waste, such as compactors and shredders; The paper industry, with particular reference to true and proper paper mills, where the INOX RIVA products are assembled on complete paper production lines and service machines, such as winding machines / unwinding machines and calenders. Given the choice of proposing articles completely made of stainless steel, also the food area is of obvious interest to us with the application of our range products on services machines, such as presses for cocoa or vacuum machines, or on the centralized lines of high pressure washing. Certainly the Defense area with machines and special solutions that the Navy or the Air Force develop to remain state of the art military technology, use in hydraulic or pneumatic control sections a wide range of our products; also the field of Rubber and Plastic represent an important development of our products, that perfectly match with various applications or machines such as extrusion lines with the help of industrial gases or hot forming. Other significant industrial markets for INOX RIVA are machines and systems for the Treatment and Desalination of Water, Industrial compressors for air and gas, machines for the treatment and control of moisture on the lines of breathable air, machines for processing of marble, special machines for use in mines and many many more.

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