The company "Pietro Riva" is founded, a mechanical workshop based in Cremella, back then a district in Barzanò Como.
The initial activity is the construction of comand switchboards and transmission controls; that of electro-mechanical devices as for example welders for ribbon cutting; and of experimental mitten ovens for technological laboratories.


The founder Pietro Riva designs and manufacters the fitting for the tube with a mechanical seal "TENGO". The product is patented with filing of documents at the technical study of notary "Franco Cicogna" in Milan. Then the TENGO fitting is approved by standing committee of the naval unification – UNAV – in Genova. The TENGO fitting will always be appreciated for the excellent results obtained during the hydrodynamic tests performed at the UNAV laboratories.


Following the premature passing of Pietro Riva, the direction of the company is taken over by Mrs. Carla Pagani and Vittorio Riva, wife and son of the founder. The companies acitvities are focused on the production of components for connections in applications under hydraulic and pneumatic pressure.


The expertise gained during the production of fittings and the commercial actions developed by Vittorio Riva in the world of shipbuiding serve as the basis for the specialization that the company acquires in the growing field of Termonuclear energy, which sees PIETRO RIVA committed to supplying the leader company ANSALDO SPA directly based in Campi (Genoa).
In the same year a local unit in Genova is opened, and unfortunately Mrs. Carla Pagani passes away.


PIETRO RIVA designs, manufactures and patents an innovative system of mechanical connection for high pressure tubes, the "AUTOCOMPENSANTE" fitting. This fitting has an extraordinary success in the applications where it is used in hydroelectric turbine plants “Pelton” in Ronco Valgrande, that of Montaldo di Casto in Val Gerola, and also in the Mese and Crodo plants. The research and attention paid by PIETRO RIVA to the development of innovative solutions bring it to acquire considerable expertise in the manufacture of products in stainless steel. In this way business opportunities in new industrial sectors as in the Chemical and Petrolchemical where opened, by directly supplying leading companies such as ENI, ENICHEM. MONTEDISON and ANCIC.


For the first time PIETRO RIVA launches a complete range of its own stainless steel produts on a national level.


The Naval committe 1 of UNAV meet at PIETRO RIVA, true evidence of the reputation and maturity achieved by the company in the world of naval applications.


Following a corporate riorganisation, PIETRO RIVA’s commercial activities are complemented and supplemented by the new company "Fluidodinamica Brianza", operative in the same office in Cremella. The activities of Fluidodinamica Brianza will continue untill 1989.


PIETRO RIVA is registered in the suppliers board DIFESA, with dossier n° 84485; this will be the last significant act related to the brand PIETRO RIVA.


The company INOX RIVA SRL is founded, result of intuition and determination of both Rita Amigoni and Vittorio Riva in wanting to establish a focal point for the supply of stainless steel components for the connections of fluids under pressure on a national level. The new company INOX RIVA SRL is based in Brivio (LC).


INOX RIVA is qualified as an authorized supplier for NATO, against Code n° AB535, declared so by the Military Department n° V99944.U.Co.M.I.


Following the first major agreement with a foreign supplier, INOX RIVA is nominated exclusive authorised dealer for Italy by the german company EXMAR GmbH, a leader in the production of stainless steel fittings for hydraulic applications.


Following a reorganization of product storage, a modern and efficient automated warehouse which develops vertically is bought, a further step forward in the ability of INOX RIVA to meet the growing needs of the market.
In the second half of the year INOX RIVA decides to launch a complete line of own brand products, amongst which we find the quick couplings, ball valves and threaded fittings for medium and high pressure, the lable IXR is founded in order to identify the new range of products.


As a natural evolution of the choice to cast a line of its own brand of couplings, fittings and valves, the productive division of the IXR range was founded in 2006. Therefore all procedures and its own activities of a fully manufacturing company were designed and implemented.


Crucial year for the consolidation and further development of the company: in the late spring INOX RIVA transfers its registered office and headquarters to the new production facility built at Villa d'Adda (BG), planned and designed with in mind the future of the different business divisions. In the same year INOX RIVA develop and finalize the determinant relationship with the German company MAXIMATOR GmbH, global leader in applications of Extreme High Pressure, which create its own operating division at INOX RIVA.


After a long period of planning and implementation in the field, INOX RIVA leads to certification in collaboration with the primary body Det Norske Veritas its own Quality Management System, resulting fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in both their productive and commercial division.


On the occasion of the participation in the congress fair OMC of Ravenna, dedicated to the Oil & Gas, INOX RIVA introduces as the sole distributor on the national market and authorized dealer on the european market - The new partnership agreement with the North American company SSP CORPORATION, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fittings, valves and accessories for instrumentation.
Concluding the path already traced from 2007 all the activities in the division of High pressure are transferred to the new company MAXIMATOR ITALY SRL, that start business within the industrial complex of Villa d'Adda.


INOX RIVA invests heavily in the commercial division, launching a variety of new families of products that are perfectly integrated to the range of "historical” products. The main advantage for the customer is to be able to rely on a single, trusted point of contact for most of the required components of stainless steel and special alloys. With the launch of the new sales program there follows the restyling of the brand to adapt to new demands of communication and marketing.


The brand INOX RIVA is deposited to obtain the status of Registered Trademark ®


At the end of the first phase of a major investment in communication and marketing the new website is launched, this will strategically become an operational tool to support the daily activities of customers, suppliers and operators of INOX RIVA.